Purple Face Mask 3D Style And Pleated Style Matching Necktie Set

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Purple Necktie Bow Tie and Face Mask Set by Sade New York.
Custom Initial Necktie.
Personalized tie mask and Handkerchief.
Monogram necktie embroidery letter wedding ties.

Nose wire for a better fit
More protection with 100% cotton lining, and filter pocket. ( 2 - PM 2.5 filters included )
Super breathable with muslin cotton.
Prevent hands from touching the mouth and nose area.
Fits any face size comfortably.
Mask and Tie Set, Purple Face Mask Matched necktieAdjustable elastic straps.

Pleated Set Includes: Pleated Mask, Necktie, Handkerchief
3D Style Set Includes: 3D Style Mask, Necktie, Handkerchief
5 Piece Set Includes: Pleated Mask, 3D Style Mask, Bow Tie, Necktie, Handkerchief

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